05 April, 2013

New York Cheesecake

The Philadelphia Cream Cheese foil package is sentimental for me (never mind the contents). It represented quality branding to my childhood brain and the product maintains a richness of flavour and excellent package design unchallenged by generic competitors. Sometimes you must go for the good stuff. Nick's birthday - plus my procrastination levels this week - required a classic and simple cake to prepare. Knowing there will be a traditional birthday cake in the near future at the in laws, I opted for one of my personal favourites - a light, creamy crustless cheesecake that sits tall on the plate. Trust me, you won't miss any graham crumbs.  We both consider this cake to be irresistible. It's just perfect and rather addictive. I briefly cooked some frozen raspberries with a dollop of agave syrup for a topping (a "rustic" and less sugary version of Martha's raspberry coulis).   Enjoy! (best cheesecake recipe here)