07 August, 2012

Conversations with Strangers: Lunch in an Elevator

Image: Scanwiches
(12:45pm - Elevator, Ground floor going up)

He: My height, mousy hair, shruggy posture. White button up short sleeve shirt and grey slacks.
Hint of a moustache. No more than 24 years.

Me: So what kind of sandwich did you get?
He: (proudly) It's a dagwood.
Me: What's that? Ham...?
He: It's everything. Beef, ham, turkey, bacon...
Me: ... oh.

03 August, 2012

Home sweet Home

The expected: lobster, swimming, a summer storm, familiar faces I love, cooking, canning, the ocean...

The unexpected: tasting Tidal Bay wine, meeting a ladybug in the middle of the lake, that Moon above the hay fields, pruning grape vines, recognizing the exquisite unnameable quality of this place...

It is true what is said about loving the place you are from - it won't leave you no matter how far away you go. Never turn your back on the ocean.

Late July on the east coast - there is no recipe sweeter than that.