28 March, 2012

Food Truck Block Party! May 5!

Block parties rarely happened in Halifax, especially food truck block parties.  Alison (who is always in the know) mentioned this event at the Brickworks in May that I will attend along with an empty stomach and an open mind.  I hope they have thousands of tickets ready to sell...and my name on a couple of them! I'd like to try Gourmet Tacos for starters please.

How to Start a Food Truck in Toronto
Infographic created by Toronto Food Trucks

25 March, 2012

All Day Breakfast: Eggs and Greens

The delight of the first meal of a weekend day keeps me coming back to a dish like this.  Crispy, tender greens weighed down only by the glory of a perfectly cooked egg.  I don't always enjoy the feeling of the end of a good day.  Afternoons lead to evenings, and to night.  Mornings have alway invigorated me and I savour the (memories) of the days I woke up (alert) before 8am.  This childlike morning time has always been my master, my teacher of joy.  There is so much hope and potential.  So much I could do with this day.  I don't want it to end.  And yet.  Afternoons lead to evenings, and to night.  One solution could be eggs and greens cooked together as if they were always meant to be this way. So comforting and easy to prepare, even at night.

(recipe follows)

20 March, 2012

Small Bites: I Found Some Beauty

Like the whistling in an Andrew Bird song, these fleeting food moments were each a revelation.  

15 March, 2012

eggplant salad with minted yogurt dressing

This salad would have been perfect had I grilled the eggplant long enough. And even without the distinctive grilled haloumi (I used feta pieces) or the finishing touch of sumac (read on...) the salad was a refreshing combination of flavours.  We both ate it, but (me) not overly enthusiastically.  Now you have a go at it...

13 March, 2012

Sweet Spigazzuoli!

Marco Polo probably brought pasta back to Italy with him from China in the thirteenth century A.D.  I recently found a tubular pasta that looks wacky and has two z's in the name and brought it back to my appartamento to whiz up a variation on a Neil Perry dish.  

(recipe follows)

06 March, 2012

Apple Stack (with green lentils)

An early spring appetizer that has a spark of freshness:   

Crostini with a savoury compote of green lentils, eggplant, shallots & garlic, topped with green apple and sharp cheese

(recipe follows)

03 March, 2012

We'll have waffles!

It just happens.  I wake up on Saturday morning and want to make either pancakes, french toast or waffles.  I'm not complaining really, but offering indulgent, comforting, gorgeous food!

(recipe follows)

01 March, 2012

Classic rice bowl (plated)

Inspired by the offerings of the popular Toronto restaurant Fresh, and a recipe tossed around kitchens and reinvented many times over by friends and families, this dish is a pleasure bomb of flavour, colour, and texture. (I offer my patronage if they open a location on the east side.)