27 March, 2013

Dinner with Amy

Would you be intimidated by a dozen young, beautiful women piling into a five star hotel elevator on a Saturday night on their way to a $$$ restaurant on Avenue Road?  Didn't think so.  Strangely, our waiter at said restaurant seemed to be terrified of our table.  There could be no other explanation for his spotty service and general disregard to, well, service us.

13 March, 2013


I don't always enjoy straight up H2O, but I do enjoy natural flavours and fresh ideas about hydrating my lovely little body.

Take slices of cucumber & honeydew melon or lemon & lime and throw them in a pretty glass pitcher and you will have something other than boring water to guzzle.

10 March, 2013

Donna Hay loves lamb

A new post!  My sister visited this weekend and we wanted to make a few freezer meals.  Donna Hay's No time to cook has plenty of the foodie's stylized photos of presumably irresistible dishes, and one section called "some now some later."  We landed on a two page spread that had her versions of shepard's pie, veal osso bucco, and a coriander chicken curry.  Okay. Definitely won't be making the second, I recognize the first from university cafeteria days, and will undoubtedly love the third.