29 April, 2013

A recipe for flowers

Stumbling upon things can be the best form of discovery. I read about a flower recipe book and tracked it down in the tall fields at Bloor and Bay. It is oh-so-pretty, informative, and very well-designed.  Like many of you when you want to make something, I read a few recipes but then get distracted by a truly inspiring fresh ingredient at the market: artichoke, lemongrass or rununculus...!

The 'poor woman's peony' (compare seven to fourteen clams), the rununculus has layers of petals that enchant me.  Using the book as a guide, I looked for a base flower and some more visual interest beyond the main flower.  What pleased me most was that the scratch I spent went far - two large arrangements plus two smaller ones.

Canada Blooms was an event several weeks ago at a dreary convention centre near the lake.  My dad and I inspected some (questionably) winning arrangements - I sort of felt like we were back in the eighties.  But, a few florists incorporated edible ingredients! Ginger root, limes, and peppers...