06 December, 2011

Coffee and a Doughnut; food trends for 2012

I'm caught waiting at a generic coffee shop in old town Toronto and baby, it's cold outside.  I've been reading about food trends for 2012 (possible dream job - food trendologist) and doughnuts are apparently trending now, along with Canelés (the 'new cupcake') and other interesting things. 

I'm trying to like the "espresso" coffee I ordered but I can't really admit that it's great. Note: it looks NOTHING like the photo above, which was taken here on the Danforth.  But the generic cup is good because it's affordable and hygienically produced (ethically I'm not so sure...).  And on a very cold December day, battling the wind tunnels of the city and needing to wait out a delayed meeting, I admit it,  I'm here. In Tim Hortons.  Truth is I'm enjoying my people watching experience (and the coffee just is).  And other people really seem to like it here too.  It's easy. Not swish, not exciting, but it will do.

The order:
Medium cappuccino (no sugar) and two timbits (doughnut holes!) - Apple Fritter & Old Fashioned Plain  

The damage: $2.52

So yes, of course Toronto is teeming with cafes that are closer to perfection than TH (if you are equally enamoured with these things...).

And I (barely) shared this beauty with a pal on West Queen West.

Pomme Normande
Favourite fruit with pastry = apple.   (Make a recipe of apple doughnuts!)