17 December, 2011

Day trip to Paris

Ok not that Paris, but still worth a report.  The surprise of the day (besides the slight letdown that most shops were shut) was stumbling upon an 'Apple Frittery' (oh, and some cows munching on lunch).    

Apple fritters remind me of my dad, perhaps because we once made cake doughnuts together in our Cape Breton kitchen.  And, classified as a doughnut, they are a food that is on trend for 2012 and pick up on a thread I stumbled upon earlier this month.  

The fritters in Paris are good but not great, as the apple pieces were a bit bluntly cut and not warm enough for my bite. (It could have been due to me photographing it first??)  The dough was nicely fried and the cinnamon sugar coating well balanced and ridiculously indulgent.  As someone who avoids refined sugar this morsel was an exception to my rule, but worth the exploration.  After all I wasn't planning on eating a fritter in Paris but how could I resist this sign:

Paris was incorporated in 1850 and lays southwest of lake Ontario near the town of Cambridge and in the general direction of Guelph.  My husband and I were scouting it as a possible place to live way down the road.  Coming from Nova Scotia and feeling a bit adrift in Toronto I was pesky for a day trip to the country.  You know, stopping on random roads to stand in the wind (somehow this helps me).  Looking up at tree tops and big sky.  Careening to see farmhouses and rambling hillsides.  New sights that are, well, old.  And yes, it all made me feel better.  Fritter better.

Brown Dog Coffee (& Apple Frittery)