24 December, 2011

A market fresh holiday meal

A.Y. Jackson, Red Barn in winter
Happy Christmas eve!

I'm sipping rum (and eggnog) near my wee xmas tree.  There's a few presents waiting for us to find them, our kitchen is full with market shopping, and the bread is rising.

Going to the market to shop for a meal is such a pleasure.  And on Christmas eve the feeling is enhanced by the aromas and scent of the season - pine and balsam trees, Montreal bagels, fresh fish, citrus, bundles of thyme, hot apple cider, soft unripened cheese, brioche...

(Frankly, I was too busy exploring and smelling my way around the market that I don't have any original photos to share of my experience, just my words.)

My father loves to go to the market too, and I can picture him now with a fist full of oysters and cider, wearing a beret and a brown leather jacket (and maybe a thin scarf).  He also has on a huge grin.

He sent me a link today, which comes as a nice surprise as it is about a chef in Provence who is also preparing a market fresh festive meal.  Watch the video and then see the links to the recipes after.

Today's weather in Toronto: partly cloudy, minus 2 C
Today's weather in Provence: sunny and clear, 6 degrees C