17 April, 2012

It's food magic: Thai Coconut Soup

I was near Ryerson/Gerrard East last week and hungry for something resembling hope.  I found this recommendation by Frank for Thai food on blogTO.  I walked over but there were no seats available.  I left, hungry, and determined to return (the lemongrass and chile aromas were incredibly inviting).

I was in the exact same part of town the next day trying to see the fashion show by graduating students at Ryerson.  I managed to not see the show (sold out) but there happened to be a table free at (my new favourite low key restaurant) Sukhothai. I ordered a small bowl of Tom Kha Gai soup and Tapioca for dessert. 

Two nights ago I made my own version of the soup for me and Nick.  He went crazy for it!  Said it was the best soup he's likely ever had. And I happen to agree it is nothing short of food magic. 


one can of coconut milk
two cups of veggie broth (or more, depending on how diluted you like it)
brown mushrooms, quartered
sugar snap peas
one medium tomato, cut into eighths
half a block of firm tofu, cubed
one tablespoon of fish sauce
three or four pieces of peeled fresh ginger
one garlic clove, diced
one stalk of lemongrass, tender parts only, diced and crushed
one or two tablespoons of red curry paste
one or two tablespoons of red chile paste 

small handful of cilantro, chopped
olive oil


Lightly sauté the mushrooms, peas, and tomato in a bit of oil and set aside.  Heat the coconut milk and broth in a large pot until simmering.  Add the ginger, garlic, lemongrass, fish sauce, and tofu and cook for three minutes.  Add the sautéd vegetables and cook for two minutes.  Add the curry and chile pastes, taste and add more if you like, then serve with cilantro garnish.

(you could also make the classic version using chicken stock and chicken breast instead of tofu)