07 November, 2013


I had thought to follow Chocolate & Zuchini and release a monthly post with a list of things I love to reduce my guilt for not writing weekly. Blogging. Blah blah blogging.

Too harsh?

But I can't figure out what to do with this space. Is it a food blog? A DIY blog? What I want it to be is a smashingly successful online space that satisfies my need for beautiful design, curating and collecting (and sharing) where new ideas come to life with terrific writing that makes me and other people laugh.  

So there. Now you know.

I'm just going to wait for Martha's Circle to call me while I brew my second cup of coffee. 

When I come back I might create something like this or something from here. No I probably won't. I'll take my shower and get dressed and go out to meet my sister Jessy who owns this amazing store and then I'll go meet my friend who likes to sew and will probably make something like this in the next sewing group and later I'll meet my other friend who would be a star at making any of this stuff.  My other sister made me a hat a while ago and it's the perfect amount of slouchy.  

I don't DIY that well, and I especially don't sew well.  I have been known to, but it's not my forte. What is then? I'd like to know how to write a punchline like Sedaris, if not my Aunt Kathy's eye for dessert detail.  (I bet the New Yorker calls him before ten a.m. with assignments that break his emotional bank. Again?! They pay shit. I bet he wants more out of life too.  Once something is old it's old - doesn't matter how you perceive it, it's not literature.  It's just your life stories. Actually, I take it back.  According to Wikipedia literature is the art of written work.)

How do you become an artist? I think that's what I want to be today.  A DIY artist!

Seriously though - I've always felt I couldn't survive without making stuff. Getting Messy. Creating something.  Meals are easiest because you have to finish them within reason.  And I suppose they are essential.  All the other stuff not so much...  Do I care if I ever learn how to DIY well?  Is all that matters that I 'D' something, sometime, somewhere in the world? To state my place? Show I was here?  I'm stepping back for a longer look for the next little while.  I'm going to stop pressuring myself to 'do' something.