12 November, 2012

Stasis Preserves

I did not get around to making my own preserves this year (or any year to date for that matter), but I do appreciate the fruits of other's labour.   Fruit combinations like strawberry and rhubarb equal comfort food for me - throw them together into a crisp, pie, or boil into jam and you have taste perfection.

At 476 Roncesvalles a few weekends ago, I picked up a jar of Stasis Preserves Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam and have been enjoying the strange but delicious spread ever since (the rhubarb creates a weird stringy element to the otherwise perfect jam).  It's overall a thin jam, nicely coloured and not too sweet.

And they have a very nice logo too - which never goes unnoticed in my books.  The storefront also offers ready-made meals, a significant selection of cured meats and cheese, fresh bread, organic produce, plus oils, vinegars and salty staples for your pantry.

Through their website I learned about FoodiePages - a mail order pop up shop where Canadian artisanal food producers can "etsy" their food wares to the whole world. Think gourmet mushrooms from British Columbia, caramels from northern Alberta, cranberries from Nova Scotia... or this wild blueberry juice from PEI.